What Pushes For The Prohibition Of Judi Bola?


Judi bola refers to the phenomenon of sports betting. Betting is defined as the process of staking a sum of money or another asset on the outcome of an uncertain event, with the hope of gaining a financial reward, if the outcome is favorable for the better. Sports gambling refers to the phenomenon of people betting huge sums of money on the outcome of a certain sport. While sports betting is a fun sport and legalised in most countries, it , among with any other form of betting or gambling is prohibited in India. However, this doesn’t stop people from engaging in casual gambling or betting with their close peers, all in friendly banter.

Gambling on sports, across the world

Basketball, cricket, football and soccer are the most popular games, one can wager. Every year during the respective season of these games, millions of people wager money on their outcomes, and some win while a majority of them lose. Sports betting is known to push people into a gambling addiction, and sometimes people who wager enormously huge sums, also make desperate attempts to tamper with the results of the match or the way players perform. Judi bola is one of the primary vices of the world of sports, since it prohibits a free game and sometimes even pushes players to use corrupt measures in order to initially lose the game, in order to help someone win and take a cut from their winnings.

Betting in any form is not only a frowned upon but also an illegal activity.  Young adults are often informed about the dark path that follows if they step out on the world of gambling. It is to ensure that the spirit of free and fair sports remains unbeatable and the youth refrains from evils like betting, the government and many private organisations take multiple steps and measures.

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